Know your body, better than ever before.

Our Body Transformation iOS app allows you to track changes and provide you with new ways of discovering your own body shape.

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Who We Serve

Competitive Fitness

Stand out from your competition with metric comparisons to athletes similar to you.

Weight Loss

The scale falls short of giving an accurate picture of how your body's changed, now you can visualize specific shape changes along the way.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Bump pictures are a thing of the past. Now you can gain an intimate understanding of your changing body.

Overall Health & Wellness

Monitor progress and achieve your fitness goals - whatever they are.

How it works

Seamless-Sign on

Quick and easy sign-up to allow you to monitor and track the things that matter the most. No surveys, quizzes or information needed.

Easy-to-follow Scan

A short video tutorial will prepare you to scan. You will listen to audio cues to spin slowly in place during the 20 second countdown.Your privacy is our priority - Fit:match does not capture any photo or video during your scan.

Engage with your avatar

Immediately after the scan, you will get to interact with your personalized avatar. You will be able to see your real body-shape, which is 100% anonyimized.

Track Personalized Metrics

View how your body has changed, each time you scan. We provide unique shape tracking metrics and visualizations to hit milestones, ability to discover asymmetries in the body and recommend what types of products will suit your exact shape.

Future Features

Track Shape Changes

View how your body has changed, each time you scan. Opportunity to label milestones and goals for documenting progress.

Asymmetry Data

A heatmap visual that showcases the differences between the left side and the right side of your body.

Ai Fit Assistant

Your personalized assistant provides you facts about your unique shape, found nowhere else! You’ll learn what fits, and also why it fits - all curated specifically for you.

Product Matching

Because each brand and style can vary in sizing, we serve up precise size recommendations across products, guaranteed to fit your shape.