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Revolutionize your fitting experience, boost loyalty, and reduce online returns.

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Elevate eCommerce

Our online end-to-end integrations

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Streamline the fitting process

Shoppers can find the right fit with a quick 20-second body scan from their own iPhone.

Enhance customer loyalty

Make every purchase a memorable one, fostering a strong and lasting connection between your brand and your shoppers.

Minimize return hassles

By ensuring your shoppers get the right fit the first time, you minimize the need for time-consuming and costly returns.

How it Works

A new era of online shopping tailored to customers' shapes.

Our one-of-a-kind LiDAR toolset is built with lightweight, native Swift code, pushing built-in iOS framework and APIs to the very edge of their capabilities.
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Shoppers click "Find My Fit" widget on your product detail page.

Shape Scan

After signing up, users open Fit:match in their browser to complete a LiDAR body scan.

Shape Review

Users review their scan via their unique shape profile.


Redirected to your site, shoppers confidently view and purchase their best-fitting sizes.

Why Fit:match

Why eCommerce brands integrate with Fit:match

Display Fit:match at key decision-making moments, such as on your product detail page, to reduce abandoned carts and drive sales.

Achieve business goals

Fit:match can help you increase sales, average order values, and reduce returns.

Easy onboarding

Installing the widget takes less than an hour of development time, so onboarding your best-selling products is simple.

Acquire new customers

Gain access to thousands of existing shoppers actively looking for their best-fitting products.

Gain valuable insights

We use a combination of AI and 3D body shapes to help retailers make accurate, informed business decisions.

Fit:match Success Stories

Shoppers are finding their perfect fit.

Elevate your shoppers’ purchase journey with the Fit:match experience. Our innovative solution ensures a seamless and precise fitting process that boosts your business success and leaves shoppers satisfied.

Not to mention, brands value Fit:match shoppers 5x more than regular customers!

6x Conversion rate
80% Drop in returns
2x Loyalty sign-ups
+16 pts NPS lift
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