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Our Company

FIT:MATCH is a retail technology company on a mission to revolutionize the apparel industry through data science to deliver increased relevance and satisfaction for shoppers, improve retail economics and help the industry as a whole make significant strides toward sustainable apparel retail.

Backed by best-in-class billion dollar brands, FIT:MATCH provides a data science enriched recommendation platform which uses patented discrepancy scoring technology to match consumers based on a variety of attributes derived from third party 3D tools. Our partners rely on our recommendations to make key decisions around fit, personalization, product design and inventory management, to drive an overall improved shopping experience.

Meet Our Team
Haniff Brown

Founder and CEO

Amie DeNittis

Director of Fit and Sizing

Asna Khan

Head of Product

Demina Becker

Senior Sales Executive

Hillary Littleton

Head of Marketing

Dr. Jie Pei

Chief Data Scientist

Kerri O'Neill

Head of Operations and
Brand Integration

Mark McGovern

Head of Enterprise Sales

Tara Husband

VP of Engineering


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Interested In Joining Our Team?

FIT:MATCH is interested in meeting individuals who are passionate and excited about being part of the fit tech industry. We pride ourselves in being a fun, inclusive, and remote work space and we are always looking to grow our team.

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