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Our Process

Enhanced algorithms for personal­ized matches.

Fit:match powers the world of 3D shape matching by unraveling the old-fashioned way of fit.

By utilizing our vast database of scanned body shapes, we match an incoming user with their closest ‘digital twin’ within the database. Through our proprietary methodology we can therefore recommend sizes that align closest with the user’s unique shape, based on over 1,000 metrics.

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Why Fit:match?

Patented technology
LiDAR via iPhones + Intel RealSense Sensors
Noninvasive 3D scanning
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Solving the fitting problem

An Industry Issue

The shape dilemma

Traditional 2D measurements fall short of capturing nuanced body shapes, leading to inefficiencies in user experiences like shopping and wellness and leaving companies struggling to meet their clients’ diverse needs.

Revolutionary solution

3D shape mapping

Fit:match is leading a transformative shift across industries with revolutionary 3D shape mapping technology, utilizing LiDAR, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide personalized experiences and cater to diverse client needs.

Empowering Precision

Our patented break­throughs

Cornell University, a red brick building set against rolling green hills of grass.

We take immense pride in our long-term partnership with Cornell University, allowing us to bring our patented technologies to life. These technologies encompass groundbreaking advancements, including Revolutionizing Bra Sizing Through 3D Breast Shape Optimization (US-11430246-B2).

Our collaboration with Cornell University lets us deliver pioneering solutions that redefine commerce and elevate personal confidence. The patent US-11430246-B2 embodies our commitment to innovation and precision, ensuring you experience the power of shape matching with every Fit:match interaction.

Four mannequins with different sketches on them showing different fit profiles.
Article: Cornell Chronicle

New 3D body-mapping tech helps consumers, the environment

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