We are innovators of FIT.

80% of shoppers are wearing the incorrect sized-bra.

85% of shoppers agreed that their recommended size was an improvement from what they were wearing.

100% of shoppers would recommend our solution to a friend.

Hear From Our Customers

"The Fit Xperience is something that's exclusive to us right now. Eighty percent of people don't even know their bra size.”

-Rihanna, Founder & CEO of Savage X Fenty

“After the Fit Xperience, I even had a couple girls start crying because they literally thought …either they wouldn’t find a bra in their size or maybe we wouldn’t have something for them that they would feel comfortable and sexy in and that physically fits them.”

-Savage X Fenty Employee

“I bought 3 bras, in what would have taken me an entire day of bra shopping, I did in 10 minutes with FIT:MATCH.”


“Every bra that I tried on, fit EXACTLY right…This is a major upgrade for women than Felma at Macy’s putting her cold hands on you …It’s completely evolving the apparel buying experience.”

-Anne Mezzenga, CEO & Podcast Host of Omni Talk

“This whole time I’ve been wearing the wrong size! Finally after doing the scan, I know my size now and I’m taking this bra home!”

-Nathalie Paris

"It was super cool and interesting to see my body in 3D and how the scanner was able to get all my measurements within five seconds."

-Esa A.

"I wasn't even aware of the bra size 'G' and never would have tried that on my own. It felt so comfortable, I could feel the difference. I now need to change out all of my bras!"


“It was great. Very easy! Now whenever I shop it tells me what brands fit me best and gives me suggestions of what pieces work specifically for me.”

-Vivian D.

"It was super cool and interesting to see my body in 3D and how the scanner was able to capture my exact body shape within seconds."

-Alexandra S.

"As a person with a tech background, I found this to be really cool and instantly imagined a few use cases (especially for someone running a lifestyle tech brand myself). It was also very straightforward as tech should be. Looking forward to the future of this!"

-Jessica W.

"By curating matches for my exact body shape, FIT:MATCH shows what works for me and filters out the rest. Thanks to FIT:MATCH, I can purchase clothes knowing I will feel comfortable and confident every time they arrive."

-Arman C.

Our enterprise Clients & Investors

What can you expect?

With our hyper-personalized shopping experience:

  • Never have to try on clothes again
  • Find Product Recommendations for your exact body shape
  • Shop with confidence, knowing what fits
  • Avoid having to buy 3 sizes and return 2
  • Save time!

An Industry Issue

We know finding the right fit is largely a guessing game.

We’ve all experienced fit risk when shopping online.

Where can You experience Our Latest Technology?

Savage X Fenty

Las Vegas,
Fashion Show Mall

Opening January 22, 2022

Savage X Fenty

Los Angeles,
Culver City Westfield Mall

Opening February 12, 2022

Savage X Fenty

Galleria Mall

Opening March 2022

Savage X Fenty

King of Prussia Mall

Opening March 2022

Savage X Fenty

Washington D.C.,
Fashion Centre Pentagon City

Opening March 2022

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