The only digital twin matching platform

80% of shoppers are wearing the incorrect sized-bra.

85% of shoppers agreed that their recommended size was an improvement from what they were wearing.

100% of shoppers would recommend our solution to a friend.

Hear From Our Customers

"The Fit Xperience is something that's exclusive to us right now. Eighty percent of people don't even know their bra size.”

-Rihanna, Founder & CEO of Savage X Fenty

“After the Fit Xperience, I even had a couple girls start crying because they literally thought …either they wouldn’t find a bra in their size or maybe we wouldn’t have something for them that they would feel comfortable and sexy in and that physically fits them.”

-Savage X Fenty Employee

“I bought 3 bras, in what would have taken me an entire day of bra shopping, I did in 10 minutes with FIT:MATCH.”


“Every bra that I tried on, fit EXACTLY right…This is a major upgrade for women than Felma at Macy’s putting her cold hands on you …It’s completely evolving the apparel buying experience.”

-Anne Mezzenga, CEO & Podcast Host of Omni Talk

“This whole time I’ve been wearing the wrong size! Finally after doing the scan, I know my size now and I’m taking this bra home!”

-Nathalie Paris

"It was super cool and interesting to see my body in 3D and how the scanner was able to get all my measurements within five seconds."

-Esa A.

"I wasn't even aware of the bra size 'G' and never would have tried that on my own. It felt so comfortable, I could feel the difference. I now need to change out all of my bras!"


“It was great. Very easy! Now whenever I shop it tells me what brands fit me best and gives me suggestions of what pieces work specifically for me.”

-Vivian D.

"It was super cool and interesting to see my body in 3D and how the scanner was able to capture my exact body shape within seconds."

-Alexandra S.

"As a person with a tech background, I found this to be really cool and instantly imagined a few use cases (especially for someone running a lifestyle tech brand myself). It was also very straightforward as tech should be. Looking forward to the future of this!"

-Jessica W.

"By curating matches for my exact body shape, FIT:MATCH shows what works for me and filters out the rest. Thanks to FIT:MATCH, I can purchase clothes knowing I will feel comfortable and confident every time they arrive."

-Arman C.

Our enterprise Clients & Investors

What can you expect?

With our hyper-personalized shopping experience:

  • Never have to try on clothes again
  • Find Product Recommendations
    for your exact body shape
  • Shop with confidence, knowing what fits
  • Avoid having to buy 3 sizes and return 2
  • Save time!

An Industry Issue

We know finding the right fit is largely a guessing game.

Only 20% of women are wearing the correct bra size. With our solution, we increase that amount to 92%.

Our solution resolves the issues of fit; when shoppers are guaranteed their best size, they double their conversion.

We’ve all experienced fit risk when shopping online.

Customers who shop using our solution increase their average order value by 44%, empowering them to shop confidently.

100% of shoppers who have tried our solution agree they would shop using it again, because FIT matters.

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