Know your body, find what fits.

With the new Fit:match iOS app, one scan unlocks your best-fitting garments across top brands and allows you to shop the closets of users shaped like you.

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How to use

Our iOS App

Your one-stop-shop for discovering your best fit within our full network of brand partners.

On a Brands website

Look for the Fit:match logo when browsing a brands site. Your recommended size will auto-populate across the products after you scan.

In-person locations

coming soon...

App Features

Your Digital Twin

is an Elite Member that has been fit by our professionals so you can shop their closet with confidence knowing these products fit your shape.

Your Avatar

is an anonymized version of your body shape - in 3D!

Your Shared Closet

is full of guaranteed size recommendations based on what fit your digital twin. Organized by brand and product category, with links to each brands site for a seamless purchase journey.


- Match to your closest fit twin
- Receive guaranteed size matches from their closet
- Shop with confidence directly from the app
- Share reviews on garment fit to educate similar users

Track Body Transformations

- View your avatar in 3D
- Visualize how your shape has changed over time
- Set goals and milestones to measure progress

Who We Serve

Competitive Fitness

Weight Loss

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Overall Health & Wellness

Coming Soon

Match with Members

Connect with a community of influential shoppers that are shaped just like you! You'll get to browse your shared closet and purchase with confidence.

Earn Rewards

Earn Fit:match Loyalty Points, for completing certain actions that will later be redeemable for rewards and premium access.

Track Changes

View how your body has changed, each time you scan. Opportunity to label milestones and goals for documenting progress.