We are an AR-Powered apparel match platform.

Only 20% of women are wearing the correct bra size. With our solution, we increase that amount to 92%.

Our solution resolves the issues of fit; when shoppers are guaranteed their best size, they double their conversion.

Customers who shop using our solution increase their average order value by 44%, empowering them to shop confidently.

100% of shoppers who have tried our solution agree they would shop using it again, because FIT matters.

Our B2B technology platform enables apparel brands to match their customers with the best-fitting products.

Our patented algorithms derive a shopper’s 3D body shape using augmented reality and LIDAR-powered smartphones, to make personalized product recommendations in hard to fit categories.

FIT:MATCH is designed to eliminate brands’ and consumers’ questions about fit in order to drive conversion and loyalty, while reducing returns.

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What can FIT:MATCH do for you?

Drive a better omni-channel shopping experience

Increase conversion, AOV, and repeat purchase rate

Lower customer returns

Reduce waste in design and inventory

Broaden the addressable market

Provide data and insights

Your customers...

  • Never have to try on clothes again
  • Shop with confidence knowing what fits their exact body shape
  • Receive a personalized shopping experience
"As consumer preferences and buying behaviors are constantly changing, Macy's looks for innovative ways to engage with our customers. We were excited to partner with a technology platform like FIT:MATCH to enrich our customer experience."

Mary Adadzhyan, Macy's Century City Store Manager

"During the pandemic, Centennial has sought tech-driven attractions, to create buzz, and generate traffic at our Malls; FIT:MATCH checked those boxes, and importantly, was a practical solution for our shoppers, and retail tenants alike. The Chicago project was great; we look forward to more collaborations!"

Bill Blane Ingraham, SVP Business Development, Centennial

FIT:MATCH gives me the power to remotely recommend styles. From there, I can recommend new brands based on their match score that align with their location, lifestyle, and unique body shape. This is such a powerful technology!

Kim Apodaca, Executive Stylist

"As COVID-19 has introduced some challenges to the shopping experience, including a reluctance to try on clothes in the dressing room, this technology is relevant now more than ever. The future of retail will be data driven and we believe that the FIT:MATCH concept will give both brands and retailers a chance to connect with shoppers in new powerful ways."

Melinda Holland, SVP of Business Development, Brookfield Properties

"Working with FIT:MATCH was such a great experience. Customers really loved the ability to find their exact fit without having to try on clothes."

Tyler Bird,  Vineyard Vines Oakbrook Mall

An Industry Issue

Finding the right fit is
largely a guessing game.

Fit is the #2 criteria for purchase among apparel shoppers.

Fit is also the #1 reason for returns.

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