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Our patented shape matching software powers the world’s most accurate 3D experiences.

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Retail and Post-Surgical Garment Recommendations
Retail Garment Recommendations
Advanced Biomedical Applications for Health Care

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Improving Industries

We infuse 3D technology into daily experiences

Online & In-store Retail

Reduce the need for returns.

Body Transformation

Guide users through changes and recovery.

Sports Science

Comparison & predictive analysis of shape.

Award-Winning Technology

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3 Steps to a Better Fit

Experience the power of Fit:match in just three easy steps.

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3D Shape Scan

Accurately and effortlessly capture a consumer’s unique shape with our cutting-edge LiDAR scanning technology.

Personalized Matches

Consumers experience the magic of personalized matching as we curate products that suit their shape, ensuring they look and feel their best.

Confident Style

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to garments that fit, embracing a new level of comfort and confidence.

A woman reviewing her online purchase.

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Privacy is Our Priority

Safe­guarding users’ data with best‑in‑class security measures.

Private Scanning

Our patented technology doesn’t use the camera to complete a scan. Instead, we use LiDAR to precisely, and privately, analyze a user’s shape.

Data Security

We don’t save any photos, videos, or other characteristics that could be used to identify a user.

GDPR Compliance

We adhere to strict GDPR guidelines, securing a user’s data and ensuring their rights are respected.

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Testimonials: From Frustration to Confidence

See how Fit:match is changing lives.

Isa G.

Retail Shopper

The technology was really seamless and easy. I was shocked at how quick the scan was, and now I realize I'm a totally different bra size than what I thought I was!

Kate S. 

Retail Shopper

It was so self-explanatory and easy, and I loved the output at the end when it showed my digital twin and recommended all the different styles to me. It totally nailed it!

Valentina N.

Retail Shopper

I didn’t know my bra size. Now that I’m in my grown woman body, I should know my bra size. I got fitted for a brand new size, and it fit perfectly!

Roseline L.

Retail Shopper

I love this! Now no strangers are going to be touching your body [for fittings]!

Thelma R.

Wellness Client

There are so many different body types. I think it’s important to see that representation, and this is going to allow for that.

Renee S.

Wellness Client

As a plus-sized person who struggles to shop because every brand’s sizing is different, this is great to help standardize sizing. It makes it easier to find things that fit and get it right the first time.

Use Cases

Discover the paths to experience in 3D

In-store Retail


Online Retail



Fit:Match Recovery


Elevate the in-store experience with precise recommendations and superior customer satisfaction.

Integrate seamlessly in your fitting room
Powered by Intel RealSense LiDAR technology
Patented matching algorithms
Shoppers find their best matches without leaving the fitting room

Self Scan & eComm Integration

Revolutionize online shopping with accurate sizing and unparalleled confidence.

Integrate with your existing eCommerce platform
iOS-based solution
Patented matching algorithms
Shoppers can scan + shop from the privacy of their home
A young woman sitting on the floor with her phone ordering bras after using Fit:match to find her correct fit.


Enhance the post-op experience with customized solutions for your patients.

Elevate your practice by offering a new level of care
iOS-based solution
Patented matching algorithms
Reduce the stress of ordering the wrong compression garments for your patients – leave the recommendations to us
A doctor and patient talking about recovery garment fitmant with Fit:match