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91% of shoppers said they would get scanned by their doctor if they needed breast surgery*

*Fit:match survey, May 2023

The informed future of recovery support

Discover the power of Fit:match Recovery, designed to seamlessly integrate with your practice and enhance patient experiences with our advanced scanning solution.

Allow patients to own their recovery journey with personalized compression garment recommendations that aim to fit and support their new shape.

Provide informed and enhanced service at each touchpoint.

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In-Clinic Partnership

Reshaping the medical shapewear industry

In October 2023, Fit:match and Marena announced their partnership in launching an AI-powered body scanning app that enables plastic surgeons in clinics to match their patients with the post-op garments that fit them best.

Marena’s app uses LiDAR and Fit:match's AI-driven, 3D body-shape technology to scan surgery patients at recommended intervals both pre- and post-procedure to match them with the products that best fit their shape transformation at every stage.

Until now, many physicians and patients have faced challenges in achieving the perfect fit for post-surgical compression garments, which are essential for supporting the body's healing process after surgical procedures.

With surgeons performing hundreds of thousands of breast augmentations, lifts, and reduction procedures alone, and millions of other aesthetic procedures each year, solving the post-surgery fit issue is a priority for both health professionals and patients.

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A shape profile and compression garment matches in the Marena app

“When preparing our patients for surgery and making sure that the process goes smoothly I know that I can count on Fit:match to deliver precise matches for our patients' garments

-Helen Reyes, PA-C, Westmed Medical Group

Why Fit:match

Shape your practice for tomorrow.

Better compliance

Increase patient outcomes and lessen the risk of complications during recovery.

Advanced shape scanning

Perform quick and contactless scans to capture precise shape data before and after surgery.

Individualized recommendations

Offer the best-fitting compression garments based on scan data to aid in patient recovery.

Personalized service

Create individualized recovery plans for maximum comfort and well-being.

Simplified workflow

Save time and resources with our user-friendly interface, letting you scan patients and order their best-fitting garments directly from the app.

Elevated reputation

Leverage cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the competition, attracting patients seeking innovative, top-tier services.

Success Stories

Endorsed by Dr. Michael Suzman.

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Dr. Suzman is a highly esteemed board-certified plastic surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, specializing in innovative plastic transformation procedures.

With key positions as Chief of Plastic Transformation at White Plains Hospital and Chairman of the Board for WESTMED Medical Group, he is recognized as a leading surgeon in the New York City area.

Dr. Suzman's dedication extends to both reconstructive cancer body transformations and cosmetic transformations, as he is committed to providing quality, personalized care to each patient, aiming to enhance their lives through exceptional results.

A picture of Dr Suzman smiling at the camera.

“There is a critical need for this type of technology in the market and in surgical care. In my experience, this 3D body scanning technology leads to better fit and improved patient experiences and surgical outcomes. The added benefits include reduced garment returns and fewer fit complaints, which help both businesses and the environment.”

-Dr. Michael Suzman

Integrating Fit:match

Effortless integration, painless onboarding.

Embrace the future of body transformation services with Fit:match Recovery.

Our intuitive platform ensures a seamless onboarding process, enabling you to focus on what matters most – your patients’ successful recovery.

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Elevate your practice today.

Join the surgical recovery revolution with Fit:match Recovery.

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