How it Works

At Fit:match, technology meets shape to power the ultimate fit revolution. We’re here to unravel the mystery behind the perfect fit you’ve always dreamed of.

Patented technology highlights common problem areas.
Challenge + Solution

The fit challenge: getting it right.

A white tape measure.

Outdated fitting methods:

Survey-Based Fit Analysis

Traditional measurement methods that you can get with a tape measure fall short. They do not capture your unique shape, leaving your fit a guessing game.

Optical Body Scanning

Most other fit tech companies use optical capture, which takes photos of you during a scan. Unfortunately, 2D measurements can’t reflect the full picture of your body’s shape. They do not translate into the 3D world we live in.

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Pair these outdated methods with the fact that consumers don’t know their measurements, and we’ve got a problem.

Our innovative 3D Solution.

Through rigorous testing, we’ve cracked the 3D code. We’ve scanned thousands of real people of all shapes and sizes, and their scans comprise the digital twins in our system used to match you to your best fit.

Combined with LiDAR, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, we’re able to turn scans into numbers, and then into personalized match recommendations.

Points on the scan surface are reorganized by slices and angles.
On each slice, we record points at every 5 degrees.
We measure each point’s distance from the origin.
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This data gives us an individual’s unique 3D shape, which is used to develop perfect fit matches.

How it Works

More reasons to love Fit:match

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Matching Your Shape

Our algorithms compare a person’s shape to our database, finding the closest match. It’s like fitting puzzle pieces together, making sure their size recommendations truly match their shape. The new individual’s scan will be added to our 3D shape database to help us improve the most accurate recommendations going forward.

Evaluating Shape Discrepancies

Our tech goes further, pinpointing areas where garments may not fit perfectly. We see how an individual’s shape compares to their digital twin, helping us recommend sizes that work.

Data Feedback for Better Made Products

We’re not just about fit. We help brands make more informed decisions based on shopper feedback. It’s about making garments that actually fit.

Easy Scale Up

Our tech is versatile, working across different platforms and saving you time and resources. We can take data gathered from one style and translate it to a different style.

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