The Future of Fitness Data

May 29, 2024

In the quest for peak performance, athletes are turning to innovative technologies, and 3D body scanning is emerging as a game-changer.

An independent research report conducted by New York-based content firm, Corner of Fifth, reveals that while many athletes still rely on traditional metrics like height and weight, there's a strong demand for more detailed data. An impressive 89.4% of surveyed athletes expressed interest in using a 3D body scanning app to better understand their body composition and shape.

The report features the Fit:match technology which offers significant benefits, such as identifying asymmetries that could lead to injury and providing detailed insights into body changes over time. Fit:match leverages LiDAR technology to create precise, non-identifiable body avatars, enhancing not only the apparel fitting process but also allowing athletes to visualize and track their progress comprehensively.

The report highlights that athletes are eager for tools that can present these insights through graphs, charts, and heatmaps, with many seeking actionable recommendations to optimize their training and performance. As the future of fitness becomes increasingly data-driven, 3D body scanning by Fit:match stands out as a powerful tool to help athletes train smarter and reach their full potential.

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