Want to reduce returns? Avatars might be the answer

March 4, 2024
Press Article

Overcoming hurdles

The space is still nascent, Capodimonti cautions, and while photorealism has come a long way, there is still room for improvement when it comes to garment fidelity — such as more accurate representations of how garments fit and stretch in certain points. Already, Deepgears can ingest technical specifications on garments and tweak textures so that the technology more accurately simulates the difference between denim and silk, for example.

Technology is not the only limiting factor. Customers might be hesitant to share their personal information, or to put trust in a tech that hasn’t always been reliable.

Many of the technologies require uploading intimate details historically reserved for the confines of a dressing room. To use the Mr P tool, customers provide their measurements, or provide their clothing sizes from other brands. Those creating a Bod on Balmain’s or Khaite’s websites, can input their measurements or submit two photos, in addition to manually tweaking details such as skin tone or visual hip width. To take advantage of Macy’s bra-fitting service (which used Fit:Match), store associates scanned in-store customers in person, before matching to a digital twin in an existing database. Those using Bold Metrics tech on Canada Goose, must enter their height, weight, age and bra size.

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