The Marena Group and Fit:match Partner to Launch AI-Driven, 3D Body-Scanning Technology for Plastic Surgery Clinics and Patients

October 24, 2023
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New App Enables Plastic Surgeons to Accurately Size and Select the Ideal Post-Op Garment For Their Patients to Ensure Optimal Recovery Results

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. and FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Marena Group today announced they have partnered with, a technology platform to launch an AI-powered body scanning app that enables plastic surgeons in clinics to match their patients with the post-op garments that fit them best. Until now, many physicians and patients have faced challenges in achieving the perfect fit for post-surgical compression garments, which are essential for supporting the body's healing process after surgical procedures. With surgeons performing hundreds of thousands of breast augmentations, lifts, and reduction procedures alone, and millions of other aesthetic procedures each year, solving the post-surgery fit issue is a priority for both health professionals and patients.

"At Marena, we have always been committed to providing the highest-quality compression garments to support patient healing," said Colin Marafko, Chief Marketing and E-Commerce Officer of Marena. "This partnership with Fit:match enables us to take that commitment to a new level by ensuring the patient is in the ideal size and style garment for their unique anatomical characteristics and procedure," Dale Clendon, Chief Executive Officer, added, "The app not only ensures each patient is in the proper Marena garment, but also saves physicians time with manual measuring and increases their confidence that their patients will be satisfied with their results."

Marena's new sizing and garment selection app uses LiDAR and Fit:match's AI-driven, 3D body-shape technology to scan surgery patients at recommended intervals both pre- and post-procedure to match them with the products that best fit their shape transformation at every stage. To receive their recommended matches, a patient simply registers in the new app on an iPhone. A staff member in their doctor's office then completes the 360-degree scan using the phone, which takes less than 20 seconds. The app instantly analyzes the patient's unique body-shape data and suggests the size and style of garment that will provide the best fit at each post-operative stage to best support their recovery.

This new app ensures:

  • Precise size and fit: The app predicts the right garment and size based on a patient's unique anatomical characteristics and the procedure they are undergoing. This level of precision enhances comfort and effectiveness during the recovery process.

  • Efficiency and ease of use: Physicians can seamlessly integrate the app into their patient consultations, streamlining the product selection and sizing process and reducing the need for extensive manual measurements.

  • An enhanced patient experience: Patients will appreciate the convenience and accuracy of the sizing process, leading to increased satisfaction with their post-surgical compression garments. By matching patients with garments that fit perfectly, the app will contribute to increased comfort and compliance, leading to faster recovery times and improved overall patient satisfaction.

"We are thrilled to bring our tech-enabled retail solution to the post-surgical recovery space in partnership with Marena, a brand that has long led innovation in post-surgical and compression garment technology," said Haniff Brown, Founder and CEO of Fit:match. "This launch will help eliminate the guesswork plastic surgeons and their patients have traditionally faced when selecting post-op recovery wear."

"Prior to using the new 3D body scan app recommending post-surgical bras and garments was mostly guesswork," said Dr. Michael Suzman, a board-certified plastic surgeon. "There is a critical need for this type of technology in the market and in surgical care. In my experience, this 3D body-scanning technology leads to better fit and improved patient experiences and surgical outcomes. The added benefits include reduced garment returns and fewer fit complaints, which help both businesses and the environment."

In retail fitting rooms, leading brands including Savage X Fenty, Fabletics and Macy's are already using Fit:match's retail solution to enhance the customer experience. Marena's partnership with Fit:match will take this technology to plastic surgeons across the US and beyond to assist physicians and nurses in accurately sizing their patients for optimal recovery.

In partnership with Fit:match, Marena will be doing in-person demonstrations of the app at Plastic Surgery The Meeting, the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference, which will be held in Austin October 26–29.

About The Marena Group

Founded in 1994, The Marena Group is a manufacturer and global leader of medical-grade compression garments, specializing in post-surgical recovery solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and comfort, the company offers a wide range of products designed to enhance healing, promote optimal circulation, and improve patient outcomes. Marena is known for its proprietary TriFlex™ fabric featuring consistent target compression, 3D stretch, antimicrobial protection, and moisture wicking leading to patient compliance and optimal recovery results. Marena products include but are not limited to compression bras, girdles, bodysuits, facemasks, and post pregnancy garments. Trusted by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide, The Marena Group continues to be at the forefront of compression garment technology.

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About is the only technology platform that uses patented, 3D body-shape technology—rather than standard apparel measurements—to match consumers with the garments that fit them best, eliminating guesswork and driving conversion and loyalty, while reducing returns. The company has combined the latest advancements in augmented reality and data science to offer solutions for both the retail and consumer health segments, enabling fashion brands to elevate the customer experience in stores and makers of healthwear and post-operative garments to match plastic surgery patients with the products that best fit their new shape at each stage of recovery. Developed at Cornell University over many years, Fit:match's patented technology is now available under license to innovative apparel and healthwear brands.

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