iOT Podcast: Personalized AI Shopping Experiences: With Fit:match

January 6, 2024

Shopping for a new wardrobe is an experience that should be enjoyable and stress-free. But with the range of choices available thanks to modern fashion, it can easily turn into a tedious chore of navigating the maze of sizing discrepancies among different stores and brands. Imagine if you could just step into the fitting room and have a selection of perfectly fitting garments already waiting for you.

Thanks to the advent of AI and 3D technology, this vision is becoming a reality. The future? A personalized AI shopping experience.

This podcast explores innovative ways that AI transforms the fitting room, both online and in-store, by providing shoppers with personalized recommendations tailored to their unique body measurements and preferences. This custom approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives sales and conversion rates.

Join us as we delve into the future of retail fitting rooms, where AI serves as the catalyst for an immersive, personalized, and seamless shopping experience.

Join us as we explore these ideas with: Hillary Littleton, Head of Marketing, FIT:MATCH Christina Cardoza, Editorial Director,

Hillary answers our questions about

  • Current AI trends in the retail space (2:47)
  • Retail challenges for providing quality shopping experiences (4:31)
  • AI helping advance retail technology (6:31)
  • Benefits of improving the fitting-room experience (8:48)
  • Implementing new retail technology online and in-store (11:13)
  • Value of partnerships when creating innovative retail solutions (14:45)
  • Future of retail technology (15:31)
  • How AI can optimize the shopping experience (17:06)

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