Goodbye, Measurements & Size Charts...Hello, Ai

May 26, 2023

4 Ways Fit:Match'S Ai Solutions Are Reshaping The Apparel Industry

The apparel industry is evolving quickly, and to succeed, brands need to stay ahead of the curve by delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences. is helping apparel brands address this need by combining deep learning models, 3D shape information, and (soon) an AI-powered assistant to elevate the customer’s shopping journey. From personalized breast and bra shape education to accurate bra size predictions showcased in interactive experiences, we’re out to revolutionize the status quo of bra shopping with AI. Here are 4 ways can elevate your brand and why you should consider leaning in on AI solutions.

Ai Shopping Assistant For a Revolutionary Experience

We take customer engagement to the next level with an AI-powered shopping assistant. This innovative solution gives customers information on what fits them best and also explains why it fits. Our AI assistant transforms the shopping journey into an immersive, individualized experience by offering conversational guidance and personalized recommendations. Seamlessly integrated into your brand’s website or app, the AI assistant allows for a customized and interactive experience, building trust and confidence, which can help nurture long-term customer relationships.

Accurate Avatar Capture

We understand that capturing accurate avatars to enhance the shopping experience is key. We use both LiDAR depth data and RGB data to train our deep learning model, enabling precise avatar generation under any lighting condition. The system also incorporates multiple AI models to help guide customers during scanning by detecting important factors like body rotation, incorrect scanning attire, arm position, and even hair-down situations. The result is a seamless and efficient scanning experience, ensuring superior customization and accurate matches with little to no room for human error.

Improved Bra Size Predictions

The days of relying on regular measurements, size charts, and 2D photos for bra size predictions are over. We’ve changed the way customers shop for bras by incorporating 3D shape information to train a Neural Network model. This significantly improves the accuracy of bra size predictions, resulting in a better fit for customers. We created cutting-edge technology to make sure your customers experience optimal comfort and support in their best-fitting bra.

Personalized Education and Bra Fit Guidance technology uses state-of-the-art deep learning models to give customers personalized education on their breast shape, plus best-fitting bra sizes and styles. By analyzing an individual’s body characteristics, we offer valuable information to help customers choose the perfect bra style for them. With, your customers will feel empowered and informed, leading to greater customer satisfaction and higher conversions.

Reach out to the sales team to book a demo to explore how our patented technology can elevate your customer experience, empower your customers, boost sales, and differentiate your brand in a competitive market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide unparalleled personalization and create a lasting impact on your customers!

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