The Future of Shopping for Jeans Is Here!

September 10, 2021

Replicating that moment of DENIM TRUTH…

Have you ever tried on a pair of jeans only to have the sales assistant tell you they don’t look good on you? Well it’s a rare occurrence, but when it does happen, it’s the moment of truth...the moment you know your sales person is not in it simply to earn their commission at all costs, but rather to turn you into a happy long-term customer who trusts their candid opinion and knows you are looking out for them. When you venture to try on the next pair and the same sales person tells you they look great on you, you are highly likely to take on board their positive feedback and even more likely to make a purchase.

With the advent of fit technology, and the availability of powerful predictive data, we now have the ability to replicate this “fit-centric-trust-drives-purchase” journey for apparel shopping, which is especially welcome in categories like denim where fit is the greatest determinant of satisfaction and loyalty.

At FIT:MATCH we’ve combined 3D and AI technologies to develop a patented solution that matches shoppers with the items that fit their exact body, and hides everything else. Imagine visiting your favorite jeans store and only the jeans that fit your exact body are in view, and everything else disappears from sight. That’s the future of shopping for jeans and the magic of our proprietary matching software. People can now shop for jeans with the ultimate confidence knowing every pair presented to them will fit.

It all starts with 3D-MAPPING each shopper’s unique body…

First using 3D technology we map the shoppers body, collecting 150 points of measurement that enable empirical and accurate learning of each person’s unique shape. This can be done from anywhere in a matter of minutes with the FIT:MATCH mobile app using an iPhone that has Lidar technology. This one-time mapping creates a unique avatar for every person that then becomes the foundation to their future hyper-personalized shopping experience. Shoppers get mapped once so they can shop what fits forever.

We capture the fit data profile for every pair of jeans...

For every pair of jeans on our platform, the brand gives us access to the unique fit information associated with each product. Our algorithms ingest this powerful set of data that translates into a fit profile for every style in every available size. This unique product fit profile is an amalgamation of data representing style, fit intent, fabric and stretch among other things.

Then we 2D-MATCH each unique body with every pair of jeans...

This is the real secret sauce of FIT:MATCH where we marry the individual’s fit data with the data associated with every pair of jeans on our platform to identify and present only those that are a good match for the shopper’s exact body (and we hide the rest). Our groundbreaking patented matching software focuses on shape, rather than 2D measurements which is a first in the fit tech space, pushing the apparel industry to places we’ve never been before thanks in a large part to the democratization of Lidar Technology via the iPhone. Our solution addresses the fact that shape is actually the determining factor of fit, not circumference. This enables unparalleled personalization ensuring that with a level of 93%+ accuracy, the shopper will only be seeing items of strong fit relevance. In fact, they’ll never have to try on jeans again (to know how they’ll fit)!

Shop from only jeans that fit with unparalleled fit transparency...


The shopper is presented with an assortment of jeans in descending order of “fit-match”. Each pair is assigned a Match Score which represents the degree to which they are determined to be a match for the shopper’s exact body. An almost perfect match would receive a 95 Match Score and an ok match would receive a 75 Match Score and so on.

The Denim FIT:GAP 

We’re enabling a level of fit information and transparency that has never existed. For every pair of jeans that is presented to the shopper, they have the ability to go a level deeper to understand the detail behind any “fit discrepancy” - the difference between the actual fit of the jeans to their exact body, and a hypothetical close-to-perfect fit. We provide detail around the key body shape areas that are most material to the garmen’s fit, and let the shopper know the extent of the fit gap in these areas. Imagine the shopper sees a pair of jeans they think they’ll love and they have a Match Score of 85. They then click on the FIT:GAP and learn that the fit discrepancy is actually in the length, but they actually intended to wear the jeans tucked into boots anyway. Armed with all of this empirically-based and personalized fit information, they can now make an incredibly informed and confident purchase decision. We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to this FIT:MATCH feature with shoppers telling us they love it, and we continue to iterate based on powerful user feedback and insights.

Share Your Denim Matches

We heard very early on from users that they want to be able to share this level of shopping personalization with others. With the FIT:MATCH Share Your Matches feature, shoppers can notify their friends about the jeans that are a match for their exact body. They can solicit feedback along their shopping journey to decide which to buy from a series of good matches for example. Someone purchasing jeans as a gift can now do so with absolute confidence that what they are buying will fit.

Goodbye Denim Fit Risk. 

Hello Denim Fit Confidence.

Never before has there been a technology solution that turns fit from a prolific purchase barrier into such a powerful conversion driver. FIT:MATCH is helping brands deliver increased relevance and satisfaction to their customers, significantly improve their retail economics and make real strides toward sustainable denim retail. Together we can create the future of shopping and deliver compelling growth for your brand like these...

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