Experts in Conversation: Uncovering the Power of Data-Led Experiences in Health Tech

October 6, 2023

Tara Husband, VP of Engineering at Fit: Match. ai speaks with Sasha Wallinger, of HLWF ™ Alliance and Founder of Blockchain Style Lab about the many ways that emerging technology, specifically 3D and AI driven technologies can advance multiple layers across the health and wellness ecosystems.

In a recent Guardian,article, on AI’s potential to predict trends across the business of fashion, Francesca Muston, vice-president for fashion at WGSN, shared: “To be a good trend forecaster these days, you’ve got to be both data-driven and creatively led. Because at the end of the day, it’s about interpreting all of the signals out there to map out the future.”

Trends aside, the businesses that empower data, supply chain management and product development to fuel performance and lifestyle brands is quickly becoming a space where technologies like blockchain, digital twins and 3D modeling are increasingly available to be shared with wider B2B and B2C audiences. This in many cases is a step away from the supply chain management and inventory modeling tools the tech was stood up to solve for. Take for example, the work that Tara Husband is spearheading, at Fit:Match. ai, an organization that enables apparel brands to match their customers with the best-fitting products in hard-to-fit categories. So how can these technologies be leveraged in the Health Tech space?

I was able to explore how brands, enterprise solutions providers and with Husband, who shared examples from Fit: informing the future of brands, retailers and the lifestyle and fitness space can empower customers through their digital twinning platform.

Husband is a force. When I spoke with Husband she had just come from a workout at her local Body 20 studio. Completely on brand, the workout featured a technology-based training that yielded data-based results in 20 minutes. She embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and dive towards interdisciplinary outcomes uniting healthcare and wellness practices that the HLWF ™ Alliance is at the forefront of. Below is a snapshot of Husband’s take on the applications and possible synergies that can serve as a model towards the future applications of this innovative technology across the health, wellness and lifestyle space.

Defining the brand + market fit

Sasha: Tell us about your role and how it aligns with the broader context of branding and market penetration for traditional and emerging entities?

Tara: My career journey has been marked by a matrix of experiences in start-ups, entrepreneurship, and scaling companies.

In our ever-evolving healthcare landscape, collaboration is paramount. As the leader of the Fit: engineering team, I provide essential technological underpinning to embrace an ‘early and often’ approach, developing demos and prototypes to communicate emerging R&D technologies swiftly. This agile methodology ensures that our offerings are presented to the market at the earliest possible stage, facilitating a seamless integration of technology, strategy, branding and marketing.

In healthcare, it’s not just about solving problems; it’s about making a connection on how you can make a difference in people’s lives. When you truly address a pain point, even one that solves physical discomfort, people resonate with your story and your software.

In a world where technology can transform healthcare, I’m excited to be a part of this cutting-edge dream team, where innovation and a commitment to better healthcare experiences converge.

Connecting the future of technology with the physical + digital shopping experience

Sasha: You shared that Fit:match is more than a brand, but a revolution, on a mission to provide hyper-personalized experiences based on shape, tell us more about that?

Tara: Our mission at Fit:match transcends traditional measurements and size charts. We recognize that true personalization goes beyond 2D measurements; each shopper has a unique shape and holds proportions and tissue density differently. This plays a crucial role in how garments fit their body shape.

Essentially, 10 different women with the same measurements, can actually fit in different sizes. Knowing this, we’ve developed patented shape-matching algorithms that help solve the fit challenges faced by product development teams when designing a garment’s fit.

This advanced technology isn’t limited to a single platform. It can be seamlessly applied across all our assets, ensuring that every shopper enjoys a personalized and elevated experience. Whether it’s completing a 3D scan at home through our Self Scan experience or in-store with the Concierge, shoppers can access the full spectrum of our technology’s capabilities.

Data analytics plays a critical role in this process. By collecting and analyzing large amounts of body shape data, we can identify patterns and insights that inform sizing algorithms and improve the overall garment fit.

Unleashing the potential of 3D for style and supply chain opportunities

Sasha: What are the three key problems that Fit:match solves?

Tara: One of the pain points in fashion is the persistent issue of inaccurate sizing. tackles this problem head-on by leveraging cutting-edge 3D body scanning technology and advanced shape-matching algorithms.

Instead of relying solely on generic measurements, we provide hyper-personalized size recommendations based on an individual’s unique body shape. This ensures that our customers receive garments that fit them perfectly, reducing the hassle of returns and exchanges.

Another significant challenge is a comprehensive understanding of the consumer’s body shapes and how they affect clothing fit. Fit:match goes beyond the role of a traditional sizing tool. Our technology not only recommends sizes but also educates shoppers about why specific garments fit their unique shape. Shoppers leave the experience feeling confident and comfortable in their clothing.

We are also revolutionizing inventory management and demand forecasting for brands. Brands tell us that markdowns are a massive migraine-level pain. Not only on a margin level for the business but on the consumer level, shoppers become frustrated seeing their sizes are out of stock online, bouncing off of the site. Fit:match acts as a painkiller for brands with this issue.

Instead of having to markdown “problematic products” that have inventory left over in certain sizes, brands can use Fit:match data to hyper-target shoppers who fit in the excess sizes resulting in fewer markdowns and more satisfied customers.

Bringing AI to the Individual

Sasha: How does Fit:match draw from emerging technology to serve the health tech and wellness communities?

Tara: For traditional healthcare providers like clinics and surgeon’s offices, incorporating Fit:match Recovery into their services enhances their branding as client-focused and forward-thinking. Our generative AI Fit Assistant represents the intersection of retail shopping and groundbreaking technology. Beyond just suggesting product matches, our solution harnesses the capabilities of 3D scans to dissect body and shape data. This empowers shoppers with insights about their own 3D shape. Our AI Fit Assistant excels at analyzing body shapes and providing details on why the product recommendations are best suited to an individual’s unique shape.

Participating in Fit:match Recovery highlights their commitment to providing personalized care by offering clients the opportunity to find post-surgical garments that fit them perfectly, enhancing their overall wellness experience. Regardless of whether the healthcare entity is traditional or emerging, Fit:match Recovery’s personalized approach can foster client engagement and loyalty.

Fit:match Recovery’s use of data analytics can provide valuable insights into client preferences and needs. Traditional healthcare providers can use this data to refine their offerings and better meet client expectations. Emerging entities can leverage these insights to tailor their services and marketing strategies for a more targeted approach.

In the digital age, utilizing Fit:match Recovery can enhance the online presence of both traditional and emerging healthcare entities. For traditional providers, this means incorporating our technology capabilities into their websites and digital marketing efforts. Emerging entities can showcase their partnership with Fit:match Recovery to gain credibility and attract a tech-savvy audience.

Transfering innovations from retail to wellness space

Sasha: How do you integrate your products and service offerings across retail and wellness? What areas are complementary and how do you transfer learnings across such varied industries that Fit:match serves?

Tara: has seamlessly integrated our patented algorithms across multiple industries. Our technology utilizes LiDAR sensors to scan a shopper’s 3D body shape and find their closest “digital twin” within our database of body scans by using our proprietary methodology. Based on what garments fit the digital twin, we can instantaneously present size recommendations to the shopper. We also recognize the potential in bridging retail and wellness, and we’re poised to revolutionize both sectors.

In the realm of wellness, Fit:match has identified a significant opportunity within the plastic surgery industry. After surgical procedures, clients require precisely fitted post-surgical garments for a smooth recovery process. Predicting the correct size can be challenging, but with Fit:match Recovery, our white-label iOS application this task is simplified. Within the surgeon’s office, clients can take a quick 3D scan to determine their exact size in post-surgical garments. This technology both enhances the client experience of selecting post-surgical garments and differentiates innovative surgeons within the industry. Once the patient has fully recovered, Fit:match Recovery continues to support them. They can then unlock access to fashion bras directly within the app that are matched to their transformed shape.

Our commitment to innovation extends to the in-store retail space. We’ve developed Concierge, a private fitting room solution equipped with LiDAR sensors that capture a full body scan in just 1 second. Customers engage with a highly personalized and user-friendly fitting experience, ensuring they find their perfect fit effortlessly. We understand the importance of a seamless customer journey and deliver on that promise with accuracy, speed, and aesthetics that align with a brand’s identity.

Our expertise in 3D shape-matching and personalized customer engagement within the retail sector seamlessly translates into wellness applications. We’re dedicated to continuous growth and adaptability, ensuring that our technology always aligns with the evolving needs of the industries and customers we serve.

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