Dr. Jie Pei Presents Exhibit at Cornell University

July 25, 2023

'Empowering Fashion: Sculpting the Perfect Fit for All' is an exhibit that merges art, technology, and business to revolutionize body representation and transform the fashion industry. Through life-sized, 3D printed sculptures, Dr. Jie Pei, in partnership with FIT:MATCH.ai, showcases her expertise in 3D shape technology and invites apparel brands to embrace innovation and inclusivity. The exhibition offers a platform to attract shoppers, emphasizing how FIT:MATCH.ai caters to diverse body shapes through its patented match algorithms, established by Dr. Pei. FIT:MATCH.ai’s AI feature, which recommends products based on breast shape, both immerses shoppers and enhances the shopping experience. Join us to celebrate Dr. Pei’s technological advancements using 3D shapes and discover the future of personalized clothing fit.

Virtually explore the exhibit.

View the Event Details HERE.

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