Data privacy is a hot topic today. Consumers are more concerned with how their data is used. Brands and retailers should take steps to protect their customers, employees and visitors.

We know the protection of consumer data is important to the clients we work with, and it is to us, too! We continue to work hard with external experts in our product designs to make sure our processes and documentation meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Body scanning technology has evolved over time, and thanks to recent technology breakthroughs like LiDAR mapping and cloud storage, the experience is one of the safest and most private for shoppers.

LiDAR Mapping

There are two different ways to use 3D body scanning technology: LiDAR mapping and optical capture.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) mapping uses lasers (in our case, those found in newer iPhone models) to map out the contours of a person's body. Optical capture uses cameras to take many pictures of a person from different angles, then stitches them together to create a 3D image.

LiDAR mapping is the most accurate representation of a person's body because it captures the most detailed shape information.

Cloud Storage

Currently, there are companies where users scans are saved as video and sent to the cloud for processing. This leaves users and companies at risk, if a data breach were to occur. We however, take a different approach.

Now, thanks to other technology advancements, any video taken during a scan is directly and immediately deleted from your device. The data is processed on your device, then sent to the cloud, where we use a unique, secure identifier to reference each user. A one-way SHA3 hashing anonymizes your 3D point cloud and makes sure it cannot be de-identified by anyone—including us. Then, your anonymous point cloud is sent to our AWS cloud to find your best product matches.

Because the video is not processed in the cloud, the system does not experience lag as more users complete body scans. This results in a quicker, more frictionless experience.

Interested in learning more? Read our whitepaper!