Never Have to Try on Clothes Again - From Pipe Dream to Covid-Code

May 9, 2020


What began for us as a somewhat provocative and futuristic tagline - the sort that gives that uncomfortable feeling only true innovators are super comfortable with - has now become code or shall we say COVID-Code.

When the FIT:MATCH team launched our proof-of-concept in Houston last November, the world was different. We were looking for a way to create some stopping power. To get shoppers to turn their heads and cross the lease line for a concept they’d never heard of. A fashion technology experience that led with the head-scratching promise YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO TRY CLOTHES ON AGAIN. Not to mention the fact that we were competing with Santa Claus who was camped right in front of our store!

Our 3D-AI apparel shopping match platform requires consumers to obtain their one-time FITCH:ID - a personal set of fit data and style preferences that enables personalized and precise fit-predictive apparel shopping for a life-time. Shoppers with a FITCH:ID are presented with only the items that fit them 90% or better when they shop participating brands, the rest is hidden. Like Netflix for movies, the FIT:MATCH experience matches people with the apparel items that work just for them. Eliminating the need to ever have to try on clothes again.

Fast-forward, not years, but just a few months from our initial launch and we are facing the greatest public health challenge of our lives. Which at the retail coal face has turned into the need to completely rethink apparel shopping so that customers don’t try on clothes (or if they do, that retailers have processes and protocols that deem product safe to return to shelves). No one could ever have predicted that what was a futuristic pipe dream would become a retail requirement, a matter of compliance and even the difference between survival and not, in such a flash of time.

We are working with brands, retailers and retail real estate asset managers to implement our technology to help create a path forward for the apparel retail industry. A new normal that might just be better than the normal we knew. The ability to not only meet COVID-Code, but to solve some of the major pain points of shoppers and brands along the entire retail shopping journey.

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