It's Time to Get Fitched

February 17, 2020


Source: Marketing Trendz

Made for a tech-enabled, data-driven, and digitally enhanced retail environment, Fit:Match offers a highly integrated online/offline apparel shopping experience to increase service personalization and customer satisfaction.

Ever heard of Fit:Match? Combining the latest in data science and 3D measurement technology, the platform offers a highly integrated online/offline apparel shopping experience and a transformative retail opportunity for consumers, retailers, and brands. It functions on Fitch, proprietary Al-powered technology, and matches shoppers with products that fit them based on biometric data and preferences. The mission of the program: To eliminate“fit risk” and provide a more personalized and rewarding overall experience, achieving shopper relevance and satisfaction, increasing loyalty and retail sales conversion, and decreasing the rate of purchase returns.In partnership with Baybrook Mall in Texas, the American company’s team opened a Fit:Match Pop Up Studio to generate awareness of the platform.After answering a number of questions about their fit and style, consumers will experience Fitch, which collects 150 body measurements in mere seconds.

“The final step in the experience [at the Baybrook Mall Pop Up Studio] will present [shoppers] with a personalized assortment [of apparel] that delivers their best fit matches, based on their accurate biometric and fit profile data,”the Fit:Match team noted in a brief.

Following that process, shoppers can browse and buy the selected items in-studio on digital touch screens or at home via the company’s website.

Layering brand-provided tech pack data and Fitch-generated measurements, the team aims to empower consumers to make better apparel purchase decisions.Exceeding its initial expectations, 80% of shoppers who enter the Pop Up Studio get “fitched” and complete the matching process.

“[Only a minor subset of items in the universe of ready-to-wear apparel fit each individual perfectly, yet shoppers are presented with thousands of products on a brand's website or in-store. In order to find the right products, shoppers bear the burden of wading through an extensive assortment, reading complicated sizing charts, and/or spending time trying on clothes. This results in a very hit-or-miss experience. In the modern age of AI we knew there was a better way, so we decided to invent it,]” explained Fit:Match co-founder and CEO, Haniff Brown.

  • Prior  to  its  launch,  the  team  targeted  a  specific  demographic,  namely aspirational female consumers (ages 16 to 40 years old) and implemented digital marketing across social media.
  • The team allocated most of its marketing budget to creating a highly engaging and vibrant experience that represents the future of apparel shopping.
  • o date, Fit:Match has allotted a minimal spend on inorganic marketing (i.e.social influencer marketing). This is why it’s excited about the continued success of its concept, especially with the upcoming execution of a broader marketing plan to drive brand awareness and expand nationwide.
  • As an active member of Fashion Group International, Fit:Match is able to team up with the organization’s local Houston chapter to promote its platform
  • Having  engaged  with  local  influencers  and  hosted  several  launch  events and activations, Fit:Match received coverage from multiple industry leading publications, including Women’s Wear Daily, The Houston Chronicle, and Innovation Map.
  • The  team  has  received  an  overwhelming  response  from  press,  investors, consumers, brands, and professionals in the real estate industry.
  • Virtually all consumers who agree to try Fit:Match and get “Fitched” for the first time have never heard of the program.
  • Continuing to expand weekly, Fit:Match is currently partnered with more than 15 brands.

He added that Fit:Match’s core team of advisors and employees comprised of  experienced  marketing  professionals  and  entrepreneurs  who  had  deep  knowledge across all retail channels and could work with clients with a wide range of budgets—from start-ups to established brands.

Describing the platform as powering a pro-active approach to personalization, Haniff noted: “Fit:Match is a perfect partner for mall developers because we drive  traffic  to  the  property,  bring  digitally  native  brands  offline  to  their  [customers], and help create something truly innovative and experiential...We believe the future of retail is experiential in nature, tech-enabled, data-driven, and digitally enhanced.”

In partnership with Capital Factory, one of Texas’ most active accelerator programs  and  venture  capital  funds,  the  team  is  allowed  to  leverage  its  network of mentors, investors, and industry experts. Additionally, following months designing the pop-up space to optimize the consumer journey, the team collaborated with The Lionesque Group, an industry leading pop-up architect to construct the studio in less than a week.

Coming up: Fit:Match will be hitting the road to attend a series of major retail trade events throughout the year.

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