Fit Match & Brookfield unveil contactless shopping

July 1, 2020

Fit Match and Brookfield Properties, have launched Fit Match’s 3D AI-powered match technology. The companies will launch the contactless Fit Match studio experience in three shopping centres, beginning with Oakbrook Centre in Chicago in mid-August, followed by the Glendale Galleria in LA, and Stonebriar Centre in Dallas area in mid-September.

Fit Match has reengineered the apparel shopping journey to prioritise fit first and style second to present online shoppers only with products that are ideal matches for their exact body, while hiding the rest. Once a shopper has been fitched at a Fit Match studio and received their unique Fitch ID, the platform presents them with an edited, personalised assortment of products that have a 90 per cent or better likelihood of fitting them. The Fit Match algorithm, which assigns a unique relevancy score to each user for each apparel item based on their Fitch ID, data from brands’ tech packs, and specifications such as fabric type and stretch, gets smarter over time as it learns more about the user’s fit and style preferences. Other solutions sort product recommendations based on style first, then filter by size, meaning that shoppers have to sift through an overwhelming array of items and guess which ones might fit them best, according to a press release by Fit Match.

Beginning mid-August, shoppers at Oakbrook Centre will be able to walk in to the Fit Match studio to register and get fitched in just two minutes. They can then immediately start shopping a personalised assortment of apparel matches from participating brands without having to try on clothes or touch anything other than their own smartphone. The 778-square-foot studio presents an engaging data-driven experience designed to catch the interest of passers-by and compel them to step inside and discover how getting fitched can make apparel shopping easier and more enjoyable.

To get fitched and receive a Fitch ID, a shopper first answers a few questions on their mobile phone, providing their name and fit preferences. The Fit Match technology then captures 150 points of their body data in about 10 seconds. Then, they simply click a link to start shopping their personalised assortment of apparel matches so they can shop what fits, not what doesn’t.

“We are championing a bold future of omni- channel apparel retail that is contactless and asset-light and that uses 3D and AI technologies to eliminate fit risk, streamline the customer experience, and give customers only what they want, while freeing them from ever having to try on clothes again. We’re extremely pleased to be working with Brookfield Properties to roll out the Fit Match experience to change apparel shopping for the better,” Haniff Brown, founder and CEO of Fit Match said.

“We are always focused on innovating to make the consumer shopping experience better and to drive results for our brand partners. We collaborated with Fit Match on a highly successful pilot of the studio experience in our Baybrook Mall property, so we’re very excited to now be expanding our strategic partnership and investment. We’re confident this data-driven, contactless experience will drive traffic and engagement at Oakbrook Centre while permanently addressing one of the most intractable problems we all face when shopping for clothes, finding exactly the right fit,” Patty Hirt, director of retail development at Brookfield Properties said.

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