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Try the quick, contactless fitting experience matching you to bras that fit and flatter your unique body shape!

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How it works

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Scan In-Store

Complete a quick, contactless body scan with a Macy's colleague.

Review your Shape Profile

Receive your shape profile based on your exact body shape and size.

Shop your Matches

Get bra matches that will fit and flatter your unique shape. Plus, save and shop your matches later by scanning a QR code!

Say Goodbye to Ill-Fitting Bras

Find your most flattering fit

Imagine the convenience of a fitting experience that's fast, efficient, and personalized to your body shape.

No more guesswork or endless trial and error. The Fit:match experience is an exclusive opportunity available at select Macy's stores.

Find a Macy's Colleague to begin, and don't forget to share your experience on social media using #MacysFitmatch!

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Why Fit:match?

Patented technology
Uses iPhone's LiDAR
Non-invasive 3D scanning
Private experience
From Frustration to Confidence

See how Fit:match is changing lives


Macy's Shopper

The technology was really seamless and easy. I was shocked at how quick the scan was, and now I realize I'm a totally different bra size than what I thought I was!


Macy's Shopper

The technology was so easy to use, and the avatar of my body is so cool! It knew all of my options at Macy's right away. It's so awesome -- highly recommend!


Macy's Shopper

The experience was great, and the associates were so sweet!

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Experience Fit:match

Fit:match locations

Macy’s South Portland

100 Maine Mall Rd. South Portland, ME 04106 (Intimates, 1st Floor)

(207) 775-5431

Macy’s Dadeland

7303 N. Kendall Dr. Miami, FL 33156 (Intimates, 3rd Floor)

(305) 662-3400

Macy’s Century City

10250 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90067 (Intimates, 2nd Floor)

(310) 556-1611

Macy’s Queens Center

9001 Queens Blvd. Queens, NY 11373 (Intimates, 3rd Floor)

(718) 271-7200
New York

Macy’s Herald Square

151 W. 34th St. New York, NY 10001 (Intimates, 6th Floor)

(212) 695-4400
New York